Curvy Women, no more fear: Red Velvet Lingerie is here!

Red Velvet Lingerie, with its huge offer of underwear of various sizes, dresses all women, from A to K.

For how many of you out there, with a bra-size over the third one, is difficult to find a beautiful bra that suits you well? And how about those sad sport bra you’re forced to use sometimes? And the breast-feeding underwear? Terrible!

But thanks to Francesca Bortoluzzi from Red Velvet Lingerie, buying beautiful, well fitting, quality lingerie, most importantly for all sizes, is not a problem anymore.
sesso incontri arezzoWith the standard sizes that you can find in the large distribution it has become very difficult to find some underwear that suits well, a nightmare especially for curvy women.

Red Velvet Lingerie offers a differentiated underwear line with sizes and cups from A to K not just for the everyday underwear, but also for the breast-feeding one, the sport and the modeling one. Trying this way to give all women underwear that underlines their body line and makes them feel comfortable and beautiful, in every moment of their lives.

In the video interview, Francesca, which has gained the official Bra-Fitter certificate, explains to us what Bra Fitting is: a series of measuring techniques that define the right size and shape of the bra that is offered to the client.

She then tells us that she is very careful when choosing the materials, since the underwear that we wear everyday actually becomes a sort of second skin. Francesca in facts selects many products, carefully looking for textile certifications, in order to avoid toxic and chemical materials that may cause allergic reactions.

But we’ve interviewed Francesca not only for the quality of the products that she offers, but also because we knew about her passion for the Vintage world.

Leg Avenue, Pretty Polly, Gorteks, Pigeon are just some of the brands that we can find at Red Velvet Lingerie which reproduce Retro-style underwear and accessories, but with new materials, revisiting the design and making the items more practical and wearable.

You absolutely cannot miss the video tutorials by Red Velvet Lingerie, which you’ll find on its YouTube Channel. Here you can learn everything on the world of underwear: from how to measure yourself to understand the right size of you, to the video tutorials on how to wear a corset by yourself.

At last, I’ve gone through a Bra-Fitting session to have Francesca advise me on the best fitting underwear for my outline, and we’ve choose together 3 fabulous outfits inspired by the 50’s. A beautiful show room and a very furnished online shop where you can buy quality underwear with a simple click! Good shopping to you on

Velvet Lingerie showroom
Via del Lavoro 1, Camisano Vicentino (VI)

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