How to use Hair Donuts

3 hair donuts for 3 different hairstyles, let’s see how to use them!

There are diffenent kind of hair donuts and several ways to use them.
In this beauty tutorial we’ll see together how to create 3 different hairstyles using 3 different hair donuts. the first hairstyle will use the round hair donut to create a simple bun.

1:: Gather your hair in a ponytail, preferably high, and tie them with an elastic band

2:: Place the fake donut by passing the hair inside the hole.round_hair_donut_how_to_hairstyle3:: Try to hide the hair donut with the hair, after this stop them with another elastic band and hide the tufts with some bobby pins.

4:: To give a touch of color to the hairstyle put a ribbon or a hanky round_hair_donut_how_to_hairstyle2For second hairstyle we’ll see how to use the hair donut with the comb to obtain volume to the front part.

1:: Take a front section, more or less from the center of the head to the height of the eyebrows. Brush your hair forward and if necessary backcomb them a bit.

2:: Centre the hair donut and insert it with the comb facing the back.comb_hair_donut_how_to_hairstyle3:: Try to hide the hair donut evenly with the hair from the front section.

4:: Now choose if let the hair down or if gather in a ponytail.comb_hair_donut_how_to_hairstyle2For third and final hairstyle we’ll see how to use the hair donut that looks like a “sausage” to gather your hair into a hairdo a bit more romantic.

1:: Decide styling of the front section, in this case I will make a simple middle line, but you can use hair combs, make victory rolls or whatever you prefer.

2:: put the hair donut at the bottom of the hair and start to roll them around the hair donut  until the nape. hair_donut_how_to_hairstyle3:: Insert bobby pins and hairpins to secure the hair donut.

4:: Decorate your hairstyle by putting some flowers at the two ends of the hair donut. hair_donut_how_to_hairstyle2 These are just a few ways to use hair donuts, but let me know if you liked my proposals and if it was easy to realize these hairstyles by following the video tutorial.
If now you’re feeling skilled enough with hair donuts, you should try to make also “Quick hairstyles for work”!

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adb entertainment

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Max Panconi Trio

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