Pin-up style shooting

Pin-up style Shooting with Manuel Tarquini Photographer.

A colorful afternoon spent with roman photographer, surrounded by circle skirts, petticoats and good music. Thanks to the great mood created in the backstage, we were able to create a great working team.
manuel-tarquini-pinup-style-shooting-telephone  Manual, in facts, has selected a particular model for this shooting: Miss Alice MonsterCosplay fan, we often see her in pictures as she embodies famous comic characters, but in this Pin-Up shooting she smiles and poses interpreting a character from the recent past.


We find another comic fan at the make-up department, and not just that. Sara Gionetti, make-up artist, illustrator and graphic designer, brings her passion for hand drawing from the paper to all kinds of surfaces, including the human body, as she expresses herself also via body-painting.


And what about the hairstyling, what can we say? Well, you already know Ginger Bread Head and her retro hairdos 😉 , but I must admit it has been a real pleasure to work with these creative people!

Which is the outfit wore by Miss Alice Monster that you prefer?
All these cute dresses have been selected in the very colorful boutique Lolà London Style, where you can also find many other models you can try and buy.  manuel-tarquini-pinup-style-shooting-vinilPhoto by Manuel Tarquini

Model: Miss Alice Monster

Make up artist: Sara Gionetti

Hair stylist: Ginger Bread Head

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