Il Volo dell’Angelo – The Flight of the Angel

Hovering between heaven and earth, surrounded by the spectacular landscape of the Lucanian Dolomites.

“Ginger, but are you afraid of heights?” It started the phone call with my friend Graphic Designer Veronica, and if a conversation starts with a question like that, does not bode good…

Yes, I’m afraid from heights, but Veronica made me an offer I can’t refuse: il Volo dell’Angelo! (The Flight of the Angel) In few words? You will be be packed like a salame and throw from one side to the other of a mountain hanging from a cable! Simply amazing!! But now the details.
Among the Dolomites of Lucania, in the heart of Basilicata (Italy), exactly between Pietrapertosa and Castelmazzano, that would be the two beautiful villages that are home to the launching pad and landing pad of the Volo dell’Angelo.

from Pietrapertosa to Castelmazzano
Length: 1378 m
Altitude: 1020 m – Altitude arrival: 859 m
Altitude difference: 161 m
Top speed: 120 km/h

From Castelmazzano to Pietrapertosa
Length: 1550 m
Altitude: 1020 m – Altitude arrival: 888 m
Altitude difference: 131 m
Top speed: 120 km/h

:: When?
From June to November, I suggest you to check the weather, because in bad weather you can not fly. I also invite you to consult the date and times on the official website of the Volo dell’Angelo and book online.

:: Who?
Arm yourself with courage, good friends, a pinch of madness and go! You can fly even in couple, provided that the overall weight does not exceed 150 kg, and that the difference in weight between the two persons is not more than 40 kg. I flew together with my friend Veronica <3

You can choose to make a one way flight or a round flight, of course I recommend you do the round trip, but starting with the San Martino Line from Pietrapertosa to Castelmazzano, because is a little shorter so you can enjoy much more the Peschiera Line for the way back.

So me and my friends parked the car in Pietrapertosa and we headed in the ticket office, where they weighed us (you can fly with a minimum weight of 35 kg up to 120 kg) and where we rented a GoPro to shoot the video of our flight experience.

We headed to the launch pad, where we found the staff at the Volo dell’Angelo ready for dressing up with an helmet, the harness, and we are almost ready for fly! They hang us with hooks to the steel cable suspended and we are waiting to go dangling, then they throw us… And WE FLYYYYYYYYYYY !!
volo-dell-angelo-basilicataIn front of us: the valley, green, and surrounded by the nature we speed to 120 km/h in this extraordinary journey along the wire wonders feeling the extraordinary thrill of freedom, of the speed, an amazing feeling, indescribable!!

Because if you do it you are crazy, but if you do not you are even more insane! It is extremely liberating, fun and adventurous. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and everything is very well organized for you to enjoy a truly unique experience easily and safe.

What are you waiting for?

Video editing: adb entertainment

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