Fröer canned plants

Gardening for Dummies? Maybe is better to start with Fröer, a nice kit by IKEA for cultivate aromatic plants.

Few days ago, while I was walking trough the IKEA exposure, I came across this curious colored paper cup and I decided to buy it.
Actually there are three paper cups with three different graphics, which represent leaves of parsley, basil and mint.
ragazzi single trevisoIn addition to the three paper cups, in the packaging we find three small bags with the same graphics of the cups, which contain the seeds of the plants to cultivate, three small soil pellets and the instructions.
I can say that my thumb is not exactly green, since I can slay even plastic cactus … But I want to try this green challenge!

I’m starting to read the instructions… that’s a bad start!! Point number one in fact says:
1) Sow between March and September for best results.
We are near the end of September, but there’s no harm in trying! And i want to try, what do you think about?
But we move on to the other points that I will photograph step by step.

2) Putt all soil pellets in a large bowl and mix well with 600 ml water. Fill the cups with the soil to 2-3 cm bellow the rim. Place the seed pad on top of the soil. cover the seed pad with a thin layer of soil.froer-plant-pot4) Cover the cups with cling film and place them in a bright and warm position out of direct sunlight (12-22°C), near a window. Make small holes in the cling film to allow air circulate.foer-plant-film5) Keep the soil moist but do not overwater.froer-plant-sun 6) Remove the cling film when the seedlings start to grow. Rotate the cups from time to time, as the herbs tend to grow towards the light.

7) Herbs can be harvested after 10-12 weeks. Leave enough leaves so that the plants will continue to grow.

And after following the instructions I just have to wait… I have not yet decided how to call my future plants, any suggestions??
Each week I will share photos of their growth on the social media, so stay tuned on “Ginger Bread Head Green Thumb” … I hope!

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