Style your hair with Victory Rolls

When hair is rolled into a shape and the opening can be seen, it can be considered a Victory Roll!

Are you ready to make you beautiful?? In this beauty tutorial, the first we’ve realized exclusively for America Graffiti, we’ll learn how to style our hair with Victory Rolls, a classic of the Pompadour Style that was extremely glamour in the 40’s.

end victory rollsIf you have straight hair, I suggest you to curl them with the curling iron or with some curlers, this way they’ll be more voluminous and easier to control.

1:: After having decided the position of the hair line, either central or on the side, start to tease your hair one lock at a time in the frontal section, starting from the left side.1 teasing Victory Rolls

2:: Once you’ve finished teasing your hair, take them in a single lock and position it at a 45° angle placing two fingers at half of its length.2 rolling Victory Rolls3:: Wrap the lock’s end around the fingertips.
3 rolling Victory Rolls4:: Pull out the fingers and continue wrapping the Victory Roll on itself until it reaches the lock’s base, then pin it down with a prong clip.4 secure Victory Rolls 5:: Repeat the same procedure on the right side, securing the Victory Roll with a couple of Bobby pins.5 victory rolls6:: Take off the prong clip from the Victory Roll on the left side, trying to position it at the same height as the one on the right side and secure it with a couple of Bobby pins.
And after we’ve defined our Victory Rolls with some hairspray, we’re ready to show off a wonderful retro style hairdo.

Victory Rolls: a little tricks…

If you can’t roll your Victory Rolls with your hands and don’t have any curing iron, I suggest you to use a shampoo bottle or another cylinder shaped bottle from any kind of cosmetic product 😉
The process is the same only that at half of the lock’s lengths, instead of placing your fingers down, you’ll place the cylindrical bottle.tip victory rolls

Shot and Edited by: adb entertainment
Made for: America Graffiti Franchising
Music: The Good Fellas

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